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A&F 175: Sparrows and Labels

Dec 01, 2022

Confronting your beliefs about life is one of the most difficult (and rewarding) things you can do. I don't know anybody who relishes being wrong, let alone admitting it.

But what if those beliefs—whether in God, addiction, or trauma—really are wrong? And what if admitting they're wrong opens up a new possibility for life itself? One that can even grow you...

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A&F 174: People Pleasing & Perfectionism

Nov 24, 2022

When you were born, you weren’t a people pleaser. Yet many people label still themselves that way as if that's who they are instead of something they've done (even though it causes undue suffering). 


Because learning to be a people pleaser usually helps you cope with a traumatic experience that could date back to your early childhood years. 

For example, one of...

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Getting to the Root of Addictions

Jan 18, 2021
Yesterday, a guy spent nearly 4 minutes telling me,  “Bob, you are as far away from Jesus as you can possibly get.“
I’m glad the guy told me this because it gives you and me a chance to talk about something that has led to more:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • addictions
  • suicides
  • traumas
  • bullying
  • domestic violence
  • and stupid decisions
… than just about anything...
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What To Do In A Faith Crisis

Dec 17, 2020

Having a faith crisis can be difficult and lonely. It’s not easy to leave your church and tell your family — especially if you feel like you’ve been betrayed by your beliefs. 

But a faith crisis can also be graceful. It doesn’t have to be a road filled with anger, bitterness, and resentment. And it can actually bring you closer with God too. 

In this...

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Taste Buds And Beliefs

Dec 10, 2020

Taste buds are a lot like beliefs. They change over time. And they give us a “flavor” for how we experience food and life. 

Here’s what that means: 

You might have hated vegetables as a kid, but have learned to love them as you grew up. Similarly, if you’re unhappy with your life, you can change it by fixing your internal chemistry. 

In this episode,...

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It's Your Life

Dec 03, 2020

We’re filled with ideas and beliefs our whole life. Whether it’s from our families, our religion, our hobbies, or something else. 

Sometimes these beliefs don’t expand our happiness. And they can fill us with more anxiety, depression, and misery. But we still cling to these ideas even though it leads to suffering because of the backlash we’d get if we were...

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There Is No "Why"

Nov 26, 2020

Most people believe the lie that you need an underlying “why” to be successful. This sends people down the wrong path —  they think becoming a better person will help them make more money. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, all this soul searching for a “why” is only delaying your success. 

The truth is you don’t need to...

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Wheat and Tares

Nov 19, 2020

From childhood, we have fed our minds with different beliefs to help us get through life. Some beliefs empower us, while others slowly wreck our lives. 

Here’s the problem: 

Whatever you plant in your mind grows. If you think you’re not good enough, that little seed can blossom into a giant field in your mind and make you think you’re a failure. But when you...

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The Subconscious Myth

Nov 11, 2020

Believing in the subconscious has improved many people’s mental health. But it doesn’t always help your mental health. In fact, believing in the subsconscious can often leave you powerless.


Because believing in your subconscious creates a mountain out of a molehill with any minor problem you’re facing.

Here’s the good news:

Your subconscious is a myth — so...

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The Secret of Sound

Nov 05, 2020

We take sound for granted. When we hear something, we don’t give ourselves enough credit — but we’re the one creating the sound! Otherwise, it would only be vibrations.

And you can extend this to every aspect of your senses. You are the creator of your world.

While that might sound scary, nothing is more powerful than realizing this. Because once you do, you realize you can...

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