Taste Buds And Beliefs

Dec 10, 2020

Taste buds are a lot like beliefs. They change over time. And they give us a “flavor” for how we experience food and life. 

Here’s what that means: 

You might have hated vegetables as a kid, but have learned to love them as you grew up. Similarly, if you’re unhappy with your life, you can change it by fixing your internal chemistry. 

In this episode, I’m revealing how changing your beliefs can help you change the “flavor” of your life and make you a happier version of yourself. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How developing more awareness let’s you “get away” with breaking religious or 12-step program rules whenever you please (2:00) 
  • The weird way chewing your food more thoroughly can improve your mental health (10:25) 
  • The “Taste Bud Approach” to your beliefs that can wipe out depression faster than kids spitting out brussel sprouts (12:35) 
  • How eating a sprouted peanut makes it easier to love your neighbor (14:52)

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