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Built For Freedom™ Retreat event for people looking to finally step into real, lasting freedom and out of compulsive behaviors, depression, anger, anxiety, abuse, PTSD, stress, chronic pain, overwhelm, and more.

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"Happiness like I haven't felt in years"

"I had the privilege of being coached by a few men who've helped me experience a greater level of emotional freedom and happiness like I haven't felt in years"

-David S.

What is Built for Freedom™  all about?

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This is a chance to walk home to a fresh start at life.

Over the years, I have developed ways to work physically with people that helps them let go of things MUCH faster than we can over the phone or even through 1-on-1 coaching.

Those few who have met with me in person can attest to as much. (check out the videos below!)

The reason this works so well is because all of your thoughts, traumas, and limiting beliefs aren't just stuck in your mind...

... they are actually held in your body.

That's why it seems like things keep coming back – they never left one of the main places they were held.

Every thought you have fires muscles, chemicals, and a cascade of other processes that, like Darth Vader said, make it so that "your thoughts betray you."

They get baked into your body.

And I spent the last 30 years figuring out how to release it from there.

First, so I could move on with my own life (18-year addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts) and THEN so that hundreds of our other clients could do the same.

And now it's time to open up that opportunity to more people because I really want you to be able to leave all this suffering behind and go do what you were born to do... even if you're already in your 50's, 60's, or 70's.

At a Built for Freedom we'll both help you accelerate your freedom and TEACH you what to do so that you can use simple physical and mental processes to finally regain control of your life.

So if you want in, grab your spot NOW!!!

To your freedom,⁣


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Maybe you've felt like some of the hundreds of other people we've worked with who have expressed...

"Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be free of all the trauma and pain I’ve experienced in my life..."

Millions of women AND men feel this way – stuck carrying the invisible burden of memories and pain from the past while they struggle through every day of their life...

They’ve been through:

  • Counseling
  • Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Conferences
  • Online Programs
  • Energy healers of all kinds

… and they’ve done a whole host of other things to try and get rid of those haunting memories, overwhelming emotions, and (sometimes) debilitating fear.

OR they've battled ADHD, set up huge boundaries, and locked their life into a manageable cage they never wanted just to be able to function.

In the meantime,

  • Their relationships / marriages suffer
  • They struggle as a parent
  • They fight off depression
  • They battle with anxiety
  • They can’t trust anyone, not even themselves
  • They pick up addictions to cope with the pain
  • and they fight just to make it through the day at times.

But still they carry the trauma, the emotions, or the incessant thoughts!

It’s like it always comes back no matter what they do.

And they wonder if it’s even POSSIBLE to ever have a day they can finally say they’re over it.

Here is where I shout from the rooftops…

—> IT IS!!! <—

I know it doesn’t seem like it.

I know it sounds too good to be true after all those years trying to just manage it and put it behind you…

… but I promise it’s not only possible but VERY doable in a relatively short amount of time IF you can simply dismantle the root of it all.

This is something I had to figure out how to do because the world around me told me I'd never be free of my own depression and addictions.

That wasn't good enough for me, so I had to create a way to do it.

And after helping thousands of people deal with and get rid of deep personal traumas, chronic pain, and emotional struggles I figured out how to quickly and efficiently let go of them so these incredible people can get on with their life without having to carry the label of “survivor” or "addict" or [insert diagnosis] anymore.

How This Works

Simple. We handle all of the layers of the problem at once.

Every person carrying trauma carries it in their:

  • Body – in chronic tension patterns, breathing, etc.
  • Mind – in beliefs, memories, and thought processes
  • Emotions – in habitual survival responses to their environment
  • Energy – in how much effort and struggle they have in life.

When you address all of these different layers (especially if you can do it at the same time), there’s nowhere left for the trauma to hide.

It simply vanishes like a distant and really uninteresting story.

For some people it happens really fast!

For others, it takes a few weeks or a couple months, but once you've taken care of all the layers, it really does just vanish without a fight.

You are left with ALL of the wisdom and NONE of the pain!

In fact, you get even MORE wisdom because you are no longer tangled up in it. You can see it all more clearly.


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Is This "Talk Therapy"?

The short answer is, "No. It's not like talk therapy at all."

These are processes I created out of necessity because I didn't want to have to talk through all this stuff for years. I just wanted freedom.

Since there's really nothing on the planet quite like this, I made a brief video to help you get a sense of all the different layers of freedom you'll get to experience when you come.

I've gotta warn you, though...

You need to be prepared for lots of laughter and some corny jokes... (in case you haven't noticed)

Also some incredibly simple ways to feel loads better...

... and a whole new outlook on life that you didn't know was possible.


How quickly do you want to let go of the trauma, stress, depression, anxiety and overwhelm that everyone says is “just something you'll have to deal with” or that "will take a long time to heal"?

How goodly (not badly) do you want to wake up in the morning and experience something like this...

What the experience is like...

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Chad Woolner, a chiropractic physician, had spent decades chasing seminars, positive psychologicaly programs, and coaching to help with recurring thoughts, emotional patterns, and personal challenges. Yet freedom still eluded him because he hadn't dealt directly with the non-verbal stuff still trapped in his body.

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Carmie Golightly saw her husband and son's transformation and decided to come to retreat for herself and her daughter. After a lifetime of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain,plus recent illness and neck pain, she was able to see the pain go away for the first time in a long time and find a sense of calm and peace in who she is.

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Brad had spent a lifetime struggling with depression, trauma, shame, and coping behaviors, using prescription medications just to get by. But something happened during the retreat that allowed him to finally find the happiness he'd been chasing. This is him a month later feeling better than he could ever remember.

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Sarah Temte only hoped for a few coping tools and couldn't believe how much love, compassion, and total peace she felt in her body after a years of constant, oppressive anxiety, fear, chronic illness, and negative beliefs about her body

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Jeff Linton had been through years of therapy and 12-step meetings to try and get over his self-bullying, triggers, and persistent escapes into pornography to cope. Yet his feelings and behaviors only changed after coming to a retreat and learning how to retrain his body's non-verbal, physical responses to his life.

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Kimberly Budge came with her mom and was able to face and release years of built-up trauma stuck in her body. Now she feels like like a new person without all that extra weight.

A look at


A core element of these retreats and a powerful way of bypassing the brain to release trauma and years of trapped emotions.

STICK WORK™ is an acronym describing what the person's nervous system is being trained to do in the process —

Softening Tension Into Calm Katharsis

While Objects Release Knots.

These are active processes where the person's body actually learns to release it's long-held patterns. I learned and developed them out of necessity because I didn't want to have to talk through all this stuff for years. I just wanted freedom.

Since there's really nothing on the planet quite like this, I've included this video to help you get a sense of how important deep physical work is for helping you break free from the mental and emotional baggage keeping you stuck.

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Built For Freedom™

Before & After

Because I want this event to be the catalyst to a whole new life of freedom for you, you're going to be getting WAAAAAAYYYYYY more than just an event experience...


It starts with some basic guidance and simple exercises to practice for a week or two before the retreat.

Simple things, but they will powerfully prepare your body and mind for what we'll do together and will help you hit the ground running on day 1.


We've set up a simple "re-entry" process called Coming Home to help you remember what you learned and keep the momentum going into the rest of your life.

Plus, you'll get access to our online guidance to help you make the changes you experience really last...

It's too easy to forget everything you've learned at an event, but these are essential life skills that will make you better parents, spouses, friends, and humans.

They will make it so you keep discovering new levels of freedom and happiness instead of rediscovering the ones you've already been to before.

So, on top of post-event guidance, we put together powerful at-home training programs that will make what you learned stick (even if you're like me and can't read your notes from the event).

This step-by-step training will make everything you experience and learn at Built For Freedom™ become second nature – your default setting!

You’ll get:

  • Simple, practical exercises
  • Easy-to-follow written and video instructions
  • Constant questions answered throughout the process
  • Email support
  • And you can do them at whatever pace you want

We will give you a thorough breakdown of our online course work below.

What Professionals Are Saying About The Program 

Misty McIntyre (LMFT) is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Georgia board certified.

J. Marshall Lamm (CMHC) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and is the owner of Lifeworks Counseling.

Chase Sayer (LCSW) is a Clinical Social Worker working with people who struggle with these very issues.

Online Training Breakdown:

The Freedom Formula 

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It Starts... (1-5 days)

Time to figure out exactly what you are dealing with. You'll do a few Initial assessments of your situation plus get clear on what you're really after. These include:

  1. Measuring your baseline mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  2. Establishing your markers for measuring success

This will likely take a total of around 3-4 hours of work (~20ish minutes a day). Then we can really get cracking! 

The Choose Your Own Emotion Adventure™ (20-30 days)

20 days worth of online, step-by step guidance to give you the skills and experiences needed to:

  1. Master your baseline mood
  2. Rewire your emotional reflexes and reactions
  3. Wipe out your triggers, worries, and emotionally charged memories

This will build the resiliency needed to tackle the deeper gunk and baggage you'll uncover and dissolve down the road.

Unbroken (20-30 days)

Another 20 mini-missions to:

  1. Clear out years of built up baggage
  2. Identify and dissolve root issues
  3. Shift the focus of your life from fixing what is wrong to nourishing what is right about you and your strengths

We have been building up your emotional resiliency so you can look at these things inside yourself without them scaring you off or controlling you anymore. 

Your Reality Check™ (7 days)

After all you've done to clean the slate for a fresh start, it's time for you to learn the exact process I have refined over the years to:

  1. Coach myself out of things no one else could.
  2. Process intense events in a way that clears all the emotion and leaves me free.
  3. Enhance my mind's ability to see through the negative stories so they stop showing up.

This single process, combined with the physical understanding you have gained, can eliminate the need to ever have a therapist, counselor, or coach again.

The Bonuses

* A couple of extras because we really want to give you everything you need to succeed *

5-Minute Funk Breakers™ (7 days)

Take a week and work through this. This will give you:

  1. 7 Switches to help you shift your mood and mindset (actual tactical tools)
  2. What Now? tools to help you turn things around in the event you didn't catch it early enough.

As one licensed clinical social worker said about 5-Minute Funk Breakers™:

"In order to learn all the skill taught in Bob's one program, it would take me 6-8 sessions with a client. For Bob to put it in one program is remarkable"
 Chase Sayer, LCSW (see his video above)

20-Day Breath Switch Adventure™

20 days of intensive guided breathwork to take you on an even deeper dive in cleaning out the body of all the non-verbal stuff you've been needlessly lugging around for years: 

  1. Release things that create pressurized stressful situations.
  2. Dismantle root issues and alleviate long held tension patterns.
  3. Retrain your nervous system and create a different set point for how you handle difficult situations and triggers.

With better control over the way you breathe, you will have more control over your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and how you respond to the people around you.


Built for Freedom™

The Event

Day 1

Discover for yourself the direct physical link between your mental/emotional struggles and your body's instinctive reactions

Day 2

Drop ANY and ALL emotional ties to the past, clearing out years of habit, pain, and trauma

Day 3

Retrain your nervous system to automatically respond differently to life's stresses and "triggers"

Day 4

Spend time deep within and discover the simple joy of being yourself without having to measure up

Day 5

Discover how much has changed in this short time by using all the skills you've developed in a final experience


Dates: Sep 24 - Sep 28, 2024 (Tue - Sat)

Rendezvous Location: Utah (pickup at SLC airport). Have flights or other transportation arrive by 2:00pm.

Return: Have flights leave after 5pm on the Saturday.

*Please let us know of any food restrictions


If the event is still a ways out, you don't have to wait around to get started. Upon signing up you will have immediate access to our online processes and support from our team.

What Else Is Included?

  1. Simple, specific preparatory guidance to ensure you arrive ready to get the best results
  2. Transportation to and from the airport
  3. Lodging and food while there
  4. Professional support from a team of trained guides
  5. One-on-one time available each night with the guides for deeply personal struggles
  6. Access to all the online programs and support for continued training and momentum after the retreat is over.
  7. One-on-one coaching calls (6 total) available before and after the retreat to help resolve any big things that come up.

Register NOW and Secure Your Spot BEFORE they are all gone!

Built For Freedom™ Retreat (Men)

3 Payments of $1600

Pay over 3 months

  • LIFETIME course access
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Coaching calls (pre or post retreat)

Built For Freedom™ Retreat (Men)

One Payment of $4200

You save $600 if paid in full

  • LIFETIME course access
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Coaching calls (pre or post retreat)

If you'd like to speak with one of our coaches directly before making a decision go ahead and click below.


A few more 
Freedom Stories...

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... and more 

I can’t express the huge and small and simple but powerful changes that are happening to me. I feel young again.

It should be illegal, immoral, and fattening to feel this good. Things even look differently, It's like I’m living in an alternate reality.

I went to my therapist today who I’ve been going to see on and off for about 12 years. She knew I was involved in this new program. This was my last time seeing her. She was absolutely blown away by the things I told her and the changes that have taken place.

- Barry

"I’ve been through 12 steps twice and spent two years in professional therapy. I’ve been through Fight the New Drug and other Christian based programs.

I just feel like there are at least a handful of us that need to do it another way.

85 to 95% of your program is different than anything else.

Your program has just really opened me up to recognize that my future is as bright as I want it to be. And you opened the doorway to those of us who are struggling, to have hope. Lasting, real, true, hope."

- Jake

"The biggest change is day to day. Porn doesn’t come up. It doesn’t even come into my head. I’ve had experiences where, without a doubt, I would be in a foggy hopeless place where the only way to get out of it was to return to porn. It was the only way. And now that option doesn’t even pop into my head.

I feel finally like me. So many things have become so much easier. I’m able to handle things in such a better way. I feel unconquerable."


More Stories of Freedom Found

Built For Freedom™ is happening in...










ONLY 20 spots total at each retreat!