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No matter how big or small the struggle,

REAL freedom and happiness are ALWAYS possible

if you know what building blocks to work with.

For anyone looking to find freedom from
stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, pornography, trauma, abuse, pain, and so much more...


A Glimpse at What's Possible...

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What Professionals Are Saying...

I couldn't more highly recommend Bob's character and approach to healing and soul expansion. Where conventional talk therapy falls short, and unfortunately it often does, Bob stands at the ready to pick up the slack.

- J. Marshall Lamm (CMHC) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and is the owner of Lifeworks Counseling.


Very rarely do I see people get down to the root cause. Nor do I see them get there very quickly, effectively, and turn things around.

Bob has a unique way of working with people that gets them freedom, transformation, and happiness. He helps them step into enjoying their lives and enjoying their partners without the need for some of the things that we become addicted to.

I can't recommend Bob enough. He is sort of the go-to person for me if I need to refer out. He has all of the foundational work there but is not limited by what we can do as therapists.

- Misty McIntyre (LMFT) is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Georgia board certified.


In-Person Retreats

These intensive, power-packed retreats are often the equivalent of years worth of work to:

  • Find and dissolve the root cause of anything keeping you stuck or suffering.
  • Clear your physical body and mind of the weight of all the unspoken and non-verbal past actions, emotions, and baggage through breath, movement, bodywork, and somatic releases.
  • Learn the simple skills needed to live free of the constant struggle and allow Life to show up with ease and happiness.

... and also to re-inject play and laughter back into your life so you can rediscover the joy of being alive.

With plenty of both group and 1-on-1 work, each participant is given what they need to graduate from suffering and take life by the reins.

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Online Programs

Choose Your Own Emotion™

A 20-day digital adventure to getting back in the driver’s seat and becoming the boss of how you feel

Make happy your default setting – instead of having to rely on energy drinks, inspirational quotes, your bank account, or comforting hugs to get rid of stress, worry, fear, and anxiety.

Explore more here

The Freedom Formula™

A 12-week digital adventure to eradicate addiction, depression, anxiety, and other struggles at their root

Leave the whole problem behind like a bad dream – instead of coping and fighting for life, learn the key to making freedom happen on auto-pilot.

Explore more here

One-on-one Coaching

Work One-on-One with a Trained Guide

If you are looking for some customized one-on-one help to finally be free of something big like Chase was (depression, addictions, anxiety, etc.)...

...OR you are looking to take your life to a whole new level by eliminating the hidden barriers that keep you reliving the same situation over-and-over again...

... schedule a free consultation where we can look at your situation together and see what will be the best step forward to get you to the life you are looking for.

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Adventures Through Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Trauma, Pain, and Our Body's Innate Ability To Leave Them All Behind

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We are not doctors, physicians, counselors, or therapists. We are coaches. As a result, we do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prescribe treatment for mental health issues. What we do is help eliminate the root problems that have contributed to the struggle and empower you with skills to be able to live a life that gives you MORE than the behaviors ever did. That way the struggle often vanishes or goes away on its own without having to treat it at all. If that's the kind of help you are looking for, schedule a call here.

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