Take Control of How You Think & Feel

Learn simple processes that retrain your body and mind to start creating happiness, health, and well-being on auto-pilot


Take Control of How You Feel

Learn simple processes that retrain your body and mind to start creating happiness, health, and well-being on auto-pilot


Learn to stay happy, healthy, and free of stress no matter what life throws your way. 

If your experience has been anything like mine...

... then you've probably been told since the time you were a kid things like:

  • stress is just a part of life
  • Life is hard
  • Addictions don't go away

... and other hope-destroying sentiments from the "realists" of the world.

But what if they were wrong?

What if they simply didn't understand where these struggles come from and why they happen to us in the first place?

Like failing to fix an engine problem because they never were taught how an engine works. So it seems like "it's just the way things are".

But what if that's not the way things are?

What if, instead of resigning yourself to coping with stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, overwhelm, ptsd, or getting "triggered", you could simply learn to live in a way that makes them not come around anymore?

And then go enjoy your life!

That is what I was after.

I had already spent 18 years of my life trying and failing to find a way out of my own depression, stress, anxiety, and addictions in every way I could think of :

Coaching Programs, 12-Step Programs, Private Counseling, Reading and Studying, Online Programs, Forming New Habits, Energy Techniques, Guided Meditation, Healing Training, Retreats, Seminars, Accountability Partners.

Basically, the works. I certainly learned some great things, but all I ever found was temporary freedom with a whole bunch of guilt and worry about going back.

Yet something inside me screamed, “No! This can’t be it!”

Spending a life “not doing something” or "managing" something I hated was not a life worth living for me. So, I searched and searched until I found a simple and direct way to uncover how the engine actually works – what the real issues were, how to solve them so they don't come back, and how to retrain my mind and body to do this for me without constantly having to work at it.

It took 5 years to figure all this stuff out on my own and several more to figure out exactly how to make this work for people with different backgrounds and struggles.

Now, hundreds of my clients are experiencing freedom through applying the same methods I used and…

Are finding powerful and lasting results.


"Happiness like I haven't felt in years"

"I had the privilege of being coached by a few men who've helped me experience a greater level of emotional freedom and happiness like I haven't felt in years"

-David S.

How the Freedom Formula works

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It Starts... (1-5 days)

Time to figure out exactly what you are dealing with. You'll do a few Initial assessments of your situation plus get clear on what you're really after. These include:

  1. Measuring your baseline mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  2. Establishing your markers for measuring success

This will likely take a total of around 3-4 hours of work (~20ish minutes a day). Then we can really get cracking! 

The Choose Your Own Emotion Adventure™ (20-30 days)

20 days worth of online, step-by step guidance to give you the skills and experiences needed to:

  1. Master your baseline mood
  2. Rewire your emotional reflexes and reactions
  3. Wipe out your triggers, worries, and emotionally charged memories

This will build the resiliency needed to tackle the deeper gunk and baggage you'll uncover and dissolve down the road.

Unbroken (20-30 days)

Another 20 mini-missions to:

  1. Clear out years of built up baggage
  2. Identify and dissolve root issues
  3. Shift the focus of your life from fixing what is wrong to nourishing what is right about you and your strengths

We have been building up your emotional resiliency so you can look at these things inside yourself without them scaring you off or controlling you anymore. 

Your Reality Check™ (7 days)

After all you've done to clean the slate for a fresh start, it's time for you to learn the exact process I have refined over the years to:

  1. Coach myself out of things no one else could.
  2. Process intense events in a way that clears all the emotion and leaves me free.
  3. Enhance my mind's ability to see through the negative stories so they stop showing up.

This single process, combined with the physical understanding you have gained, can eliminate the need to ever have a therapist, counselor, or coach again.

The Bonuses

5-Minute Funk Breakers™ (7 days)

Take a week and work through this. This will give you:

  1. 7 Switches to help you shift your mood and mindset (actual tactical tools)
  2. What Now? tools to help you turn things around in the event you didn't catch it early enough.

As one licensed clinical social worker said about 5-Minute Funk Breakers™:

"In order to learn all the skill taught in Bob's one program, it would take me 6-8 sessions with a client. For Bob to put it in one program is remarkable"
 Chase Sayer, LCSW (see his video below)

20-Day Breath Switch Adventure™

20 days of intensive guided breathwork to take you on an even deeper dive in cleaning out the body of all the non-verbal stuff you've been needlessly lugging around for years:

  1. Release things that create pressurized stressful situations.
  2. Dismantle root issues and alleviate long held tension patterns.
  3. Retrain your nervous system and create a different set point for how you handle difficult situations and triggers.

With better control over the way you breathe, you will have more control over your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and how you respond to the people around you.


3 payments of $500

Pay over 3 months

  • LIFETIME course access
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Freedom


One Payment of $1200

You save $300 if paid in full

  • LIFETIME course access 
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Freedom

If you're looking for one-on-one support or are interested in learning more about our 4-day intensive retreats, click here to schedule a time to chat with one of our coaches.

The freedom you're looking for is waiting on the other side of the unknown. It's up to you to take that leap.

What Professionals Are Saying About The Program 

J. Marshall Lamm (CMHC) 

A Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and is the owner of Lifeworks Counseling.

Chase Sayer LCSW

A Clinical Social Worker working with people who struggle with these very issues.

What Clients Are Saying About The Program

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