Find Freedom From Pornography  

Identify and dissolve the root cause of your porn habit


Find Freedom From Pornography

Identify and dissolve the root cause of your porn habit



If your experience has been anything like mine...

It's possible you’ve been told that addiction will always be a part of your life. That the only hope is for a lifetime of struggle to maintain sobriety.

Maybe like me you’ve been surrounded by people who have given up the things they love because they can’t change this one thing about their life.

I spent years of my life trying and failing to find a way out. I tried and failed everything I could think of including:

Coaching Programs, 12-Step Programs, Private Counseling, Reading and Studying, Online Programs, Forming New Habits, Energy Techniques, Guided Meditation, Healing Training, Retreats, Seminars, Accountability Partners.

Basically, the works. And all I ever found was temporary freedom with a whole bunch of guilt and worry about going back.

And after so many failed attempts, something inside me screamed, “No! This can’t be it!”

Spending a life “not doing something” was not a life worth living for me. So, I searched and searched until I found a way to uncover what the real issue was, solve it, and then move on with my life.

It took 5 years to figure all this stuff out on my own – how to find the root issue, how to solve it, and how to make sure it doesn’t come back. But I didn’t care. I was finally free.

Now, hundreds of my clients are experiencing freedom through applying the same methods I used and…

Are finding powerful and lasting results.


"Porn has no power over me."

"I have won because I have the tools to give myself the power to control my life. Porn has no power over me... I am so thankful for this program. All of the things I have learned I will use for the rest of my life..."


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A brief message from Tucker, a former client and current coach here at The Freedom Specialist. 

A brief message from Tucker, a former client and current coach here at The Freedom Specialist. 

How the "Freedom Formula" works 

The Choose Your Own Emotion Adventure™ (20-30 days)

20 days worth of online, step-by step guidance to give you the skills and experiences needed to:

  1. Master your baseline mood
  2. Rewire your emotional reflexes and reactions
  3. Wipe out your triggers, worries, and emotionally charged memories

This will build the resiliency needed to tackle the deeper gunk and baggage you'll uncover and dissolve down the road.

20-Day Breath Switch Adventure™

20 days of intensive guided breathwork to:

  1. Release things that create pressurized stressful situations.
  2. Dismantle root issues and alleviate long held tension patterns.
  3. Retrain your nervous system and create a different set point for how you handle difficult situations and triggers.

With better control over the way you breathe, you will have more control over your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and how you respond to the people around you.

Unbroken (20-30 days)

Another 20 mini-missions to:

  1. Clear out years of built up baggage
  2. Identify and dissolve root issues
  3. Shift the focus of your life from fixing what is wrong to nourishing what is right about you and your strengths

We have been building up your emotional resiliency so you can look at these things inside yourself without them scaring you off or controlling you anymore. 

Bonus - Mayday Moments™ (7 days)

Take a week and work through this. This will give you:

  1. 7 Switches to help you shift your mood and mindset (actual tactical tools)
  2. What Now? tools to help you turn things around in the event you didn't catch it early enough.

You can't retrain your nervous system to default to happiness if you never do anything with it.



3 payments of $400

Pay over 3 months

  • LIFETIME course access
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Freedom


One Payment of $950

You save $250 if paid in full

  • LIFETIME course access
  • Master your emotions
  • Dissolve Root Issues
  • Video and worksheet modules
  • Online support
  • Freedom

If you're looking for one-on-one support or are interested in learning more about our 4-day intensive retreats, click here to schedule a time to chat with one of our coaches.

The freedom you're looking for is waiting on the other side of the unknown. It's up to you to take that leap.

What Professionals Are Saying About The Program 


- Misty McIntyre (LMFT) 

A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Georgia board certified.

For more on Misty's work, visit here.

"Morning Bob... I had lunch yesterday with a guy who has had great success with your program. It sounds like it is continuing to grow in many ways. As I continue to run into people who are "stuck" or hitting a wall, I feel less and less confident in offering remedies to aid their dilemma(s).

While there are certainly more professional and self-help programs out there than ever before, they (due to cost and time factors) appear inadequate, as a whole, to make a dent in the overall need.

The meanwhile, pornography is certainly an issue, there are a myriad of issues peeople are facing that conventional programs (with their costs and "time component") aren't able to accommodate. The "solid" change people appear to be experiencing (at an "accelerated" rate) with your program is unprecedented in my research and experience.

Just want to thank you for what you're doing ..... with hopes of learning more and spreading the word."

Paul De Francis 

Director at AZ Therapy and Healthcare Management Services. He has piloted addiction and mental health programs for various religious and health institutions.

What Clients Are Saying About The Program

"The biggest change is day to day. Porn doesn’t come up. It doesn’t even come into my head. I’ve had experiences where, without a doubt, I would be in a foggy hopeless place where the only way to get out of it was to return to porn. It was the only way. And now that option doesn’t even pop into my head.

I feel finally like me. So many things have become so much easier. I’m able to handle things in such a better way. I feel unconquerable."


"I’ve been through 12 steps twice and spent two years in professional therapy. I’ve been through Fight the New Drug and other Christian based programs.

I just feel like there are at least a handful of us that need to do it another way.

85 to 95% of your program is different than anything else.

Your program has just really opened me up to recognize that my future is as bright as I want it to be. And you opened the doorway to those of us who are struggling, to have hope. Lasting, real, true, hope."

- Jake

I can’t express the huge and small and simple but powerful changes that are happening to me. I feel young again.

It should be illegal, immoral, and fattening to feel this good. Things even look differently, It's like I’m living in an alternate reality.

I went to my therapist today who I’ve been going to see on and off for about 12 years. She knew I was involved in this new program. This was my last time seeing her. She was absolutely blown away by the things I told her and the changes that have taken place.

- Barry

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