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What Professionals Are Saying About The Freedom Specialist

Misty McIntyre LMFT is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Georgia board certified.

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Paul De Francis is the Director at AZ Therapy and Healthcare Management Services. He has piloted addiction and mental health programs for various religious and health institutions.

Chase Sayer CSW is a Clinical Social Worker working with people who struggle with these very issues.

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25 yr old, addicted 15 years, cheated on wife

"Life was, I don’t want to say miserable but it was close. It was a constant fear and fight for sobriety. I was constantly explaining myself and behaving like a dork. I felt worthless and like I couldn’t ever get over this.

Well this program has meant freedom. I have gone to the LDS arp things, LifeStar, professionals, and SAA Groups, not one of them claimed freedom or power over it. It was always sobriety and “this will be a fight for life.” It was exhausting. I would just give up because I didn’t see a point of all they could do was help me fight instead of conquer.

I am actually not staring at other women. I notice them and then I move on. It’s been nice connecting with my wife more, I am less snippy, I actually enjoy doing things with my family, like walks. I would always roll my eyes when she would suggest a walk or something outside. Not anymore.

I 1000% guarantee that this program is different. It is literally a lifestyle change. It is intense, it is a little hard sometimes. But it is freedom we fight for. Not weekly sobriety checks and meetings. This can and will change your life if you will give it your all."



62 yr old, addicted 51 years

"When I heard of this program I was so skeptical. How was it even possible that someone or something could believe it could penetrate something as strong as [the fortress of addiction] I had built?

Now, my old fortress has been replaced with a new stronger fortress of success, determination, hope and faith in myself, the system, and the fact that one can be free with this program. My thoughts are more controlled and bridled. My confidence level is stronger than it has ever been, and this confidence rolls into other parts of my life. What a great feeling it is to look at a woman or girl and not have thoughts that are wrong or inappropriate. There is no desire to view things I should not. I have a greater respect for my body. Combine all this with a new understanding and love for the atonement, I like myself and feel I can be a benefit to others in ways I have never imagined. I have a new respect for my wife, and our love is growing stronger daily. My kids have noticed a new me and have expressed a love for what they see. I will continue to press forward as I see a new confidence in all areas of my life that I have never seen before. It is a great feeling knowing I can forgive myself."



mid 40s, addicted over 20 years

"I was struggling with little indulgences such as looking at the images in my junk email, or checking out streaming videos with nude scenes in them. I was trying the ARP program, but felt so defeated by the way they beat into you that you cannot change. I wasn’t swimming in addictive behaviors, though I have been there in my life, but I was just sort of doing what I could get away with wading in that area, until I would come across some images that craved for more. Even these times would not last more than a couple of hours every few weeks. But, as I listened to the words spoken at ARP meetings I longed for more than a weekly review of my own ineptitudes, and white knuckling from meeting to meeting.

This program has meant a great deal to me. It has forced me to navigate the complex emotions that have been a part of my life. It has given me a sense of freedom that I have never felt from trying to overcome addiction on my own. Although the program itself doesn’t center around the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I have obviously been strengthened by His grace as I’ve learned these tools, and done such deep soul searching from the questions and challenges of the program.

I find I am more patient with my children, and have some tools to draw on when the kids do their best to drive me crazy! I feel the fear of being with technology that enabled my addition to dissolve. I no longer have those thoughts that I can’t be trusted alone with such technology. I feel a longing to eliminate a lot of wasted time even on just idle activities like being on Facebook and video games. My wife has always been my greatest friend since we were married. I have seen the hurt in her eyes and the lost trust too many times. I have usually been able to rebuild that trust. But we seem to be connecting on an even higher level of love and emotional support now than in the past.

The methods used in this challenge are extremely effective to search deep in yourself. The challenge has made me think differently and forced me out of my comfort zone and the end result is a strength that I didn’t know was possible!"



35 Yr old, addicted over 20 years

"You get what you put into it, but even if you're CRAZY BUSY like me, even if you force yourself to do the minimum at times of what's required, take notes, review those as you can and you'll learn
some serious cool stuff. Stuff I haven't ever learned from therapy, from books, from youtube videos. From crazy guys like Tony Robbins haha! There are many tools in the program and any one of them could be a game changer."

45 yr old, addicted 32 years

"When I look back at where I was before I started this program I realize I was in a very bad place. I felt like I was nothing, I felt that I could never get anything right, I felt like a loser and someone that could never turn my life around. I was trapped I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I had no hope. After I started this program I was a little skeptical about it I didn’t know what to expect if anything. As I continued to do the work I started to see little changes happening in in my life. I have found peace and happiness I didn’t know existed.
The changes that I have seen are amazing. I have found joy and happiness. I have found peace and comfort. I have discovered the real me. The person that I didn’t know was there. The little changes I have experienced has brought me to a love of myself and a greater love for my family and those around me. It has brought me closer to my father in heaven and my savior.

If someone was to ask me about this program I would tell them to give it a try and they would be surprised about the results they would see. But they would need to do it with a open mind and heart and put forth the full effort and hold nothing back. If it can help me it can help you as well. It’s not easy but it is most definitely worth it."



41 Yr old, addicted over 20 years

"I finally feel worthy of love again (big one for me). I deemed myself hopeless in all my efforts to overcome my addiction. I would have glimmers of hope after a good church meeting or hearing an uplifting song, but they were short-lived because I was so broken in my thought process that I didn't have the mindset for real change and hope. No matter what I tried, it always came back.

The changes I have seen have been so much more than just getting rid of an addiction. Freedom from addiction was just a byproduct of changing the person I was into something I always knew was there, but never had the map to get where I wanted to go. This change is deep and lasting. While some of the challenges in this program seem silly or meaningless, let me tell you, they are more powerful than you might think. I felt like things went really fast for me when I was going through this, and I am going to go back and do it again just to be sure I didn't miss anything, but doing all parts of it without reservation is what helped me make real changes in my life.

Nothing else worked for me in my life after 20+ years of struggling with a pornography addiction until this program."



mid-20s, addicted 11 years

8 weeks ago I felt constantly overwhelmed and emotionally and physically drained. I lacked control over my life and as a result I turned to pornography. I mostly was just going through the emotions.

This program has really helped me gain various skills and other things that have helped me cope the daily stresses of life in a more healthy way than Pornography. These are also things and steps that I can repeat throughout my life

Now I do not let my mistakes define who I am. Sure I can be frustrated at the mistakes I do, but instead of letting them control me, I can learn from them and move forward

This program is definitely different than other programs in the fact that its main point is not pornography. It is not the problem, just a symptom and if one truly does the program and follows it diligently, it will help you change to become a better person and the symptom of pornography will be dealt with.



17 yrs old, addicted 4 yrs

6 weeks ago, my life was a dark pit with no light at all. I was really really struggling with porn and masturbation. Almost every thought I had was about the addictions I had. They were dark thoughts and I treated people like they were objects I hardly ever went a day with out looking at porn or masturbation.

Just the initial phone call I started to see a light that just kept growing and growing I feel like nothing could ever contain me again

I have seen a completely different side of me then I have ever before. I feel like I actually deserve to be here more than ever. People have told me that I have a new light about me than ever. And that I am kinder and more focused

Emotions are a lot easier to combat. A lot easier to control and use them for better. New behaviors just pop up like scripture study just happens now instead of it being a chore. I am closer to God I have actually felt the spirit for the first time in years.

It is worth it I wish I had known about this when I was 14 it would have saved thousands of dollars I probably spent close to 20 thousand before I found this. It may sound simple but that's because that's all it takes is a a simple process. I actually did this program because it was simple I was tired of putting tons of effort in to a advance program and get nothing in return. i had doubts at first. Like "nothing has worked why will this?" But It works a million times better than any thing on Earth

14 yr old, addicted 4 years

When my mom came to me with this program, I was in a state of hopelessness, nothing had worked for me, and I honestly thought that I was stuck their forever. I kind of just pushed this program off as just another recovery program that wouldn’t work but boy was I wrong.

This program has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me or my family. When you told me that I could get rid of this for good, that I didn’t have to keep fighting it forever it gave me so much hope and joy. I can feel now. I am in control now. I am starting to love myself.

I feel stronger and like I am in control. To anyone willing to put in the effort in this program it will work. It has for me, and I was hopeless. This saved me.

R's MOM (after 3 weeks):
When I found this program we were nervous about signing up our son. One thing we really liked was that this doesn’t have to be something our son struggles with for the rest of his life. The other program we had our son in, told us he would be struggling all of his life. We really liked the approach that it can be gone and done with. I have always believed there is an underlying issue that needed dealt with and you are helping him to heal that.

We have already been noticing changes in him. One is that he’s excited about something. That may sound strange but he doesn’t feel much and hasn’t got excited about hardly anything for awhile. He is very excited about this program and he wants to teach all of us. We’ve also noticed that he seems to be at peace and more settled. He has been much happier and not so tense and on edge.

After having our son in another program for at least six months and not seeing any results I was starting to feel a little hopeless. After praying that we could find some answers I came across the ad for Liberate a Man. After a few phone calls with you I really felt like this was the answer to my prayers. I liked your approach to my son's healing. This program has helped my son in three weeks more than six months in the other program. I’m very thankful for this program and the healing I have seen so far.



18 yrs old, addicted 7 yrs
molested as kid

My life was really full of a lot of fear. I didn’t know how to get better or to get away from the pull of pornography. I was scared of my future, big time. I was starting to wonder if I would ever change, and that felt really hopeless.

I feel more like myself than ever before, and that means a LOT to me! Without this, I think I would still be stuck and would be feeling really helpless and paralyzed about moving forward in my life. Without going through Liberate A Man™, my daily thoughts, words, and actions would be different. I feel so much more in control and I have hope. That is worth more than words can say.

For me, my testimony has grown of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and in the knowledge that I am literally a child of God. I have learned a lot about myself, and who I really am. I feel so much more excited about opportunities ahead of me that are far away from the darkness of pornography. I feel happier and I look forward to each day more.

I would say that this program has had a huge impact on me. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work for me either. It was a big leap of faith for me, but it was so worth it. The tools are very helpful.



B's MOM:

As a Mom with a son that struggled with pornography, I was really desperate to find help for him. We had tried regular counseling, sporadic alternative healing appointments, and sought help through prayer, fasting, and ecclesiastical support. Many of these sources would bring good ideas, and temporary help, but did not equate to long-term results.

To put a price tag on hope for your child is a hard thing to do. If this were a medical condition like cancer, parents would pay tens of thousands of dollars to have the gift of extended life granted to their child. Pornography addiction can feel much like a cancer of the soul, and this program is beautiful therapy that has renewed my sense of hope and excitement for my son. To see him feeling free lifts tremendous burden and worry from my heart. This was an answer to my sincere prayers for my son. I’m so grateful for the tools he has learned and the freedom he feels.

Before we started, there were often times that B seemed to be in a deep slump that was hard to pull him out of. His eyes were glazed over with overwhelm and it was hard to know how to pull him out of that. The tools gave him greater energy and zip in his step immediately as he applied them. As the program went on, the changes went deeper and became more sustainable. B is much more confident now, and we are able to set short and long-term goals for his future with excitement and ease, instead of dread and hesitation.

To anyone hesitating on whether or not to try this program, I would simply say, “Find a Way”. My ex-husband struggled with pornography addiction and even though our marriage ended over 15 years ago, I wonder how things might be different today if he would’ve had these tools to help him escape the web of debilitating behaviors he found himself consumed in. To think of the pain and heartache that might have saved for me and my children is astonishing. I’m so grateful that my son is empowered to be free, and can’t wait to see what amazing things he will do in his life. A million thanks, Bob.

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My journey to rebuild my life and finally get rid of my own depression, suicidal thoughts, and 18 years of desperately trying to be free of addiction

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