Make Happy Your Default Setting

instead of having to rely on energy drinks, inspirational quotes, your bank account, or comforting hugs to get rid of stress, worry, fear, and anxiety.


* the only thing you need is a body... (sorry, Casper!) *

It’s already tough enough to be the patient parent, the productive employee, or the visionary CEO without ALSO getting sucker punched by frustration, overwhelm, fear, or self-doubt every time the economy takes a turn or your kids conveniently “don’t hear” what you tell them.

In fact, you've probably seen more than your fair share of headlines and podcasts warning you that all those unwanted emotions will eventually destroy your health and your relationships, right?

We're talking —

❌ - high blood pressure

- heart issues

❌ - gut problems

- ulcers


❌- mind racing

can’t focus or get things done


❌- restless sleep

- no energy left for friends and family

❌ - addictions

- trouble in the bedroom

❌ - snapping at people who probably don't deserve it that much...


So the question is...

How do you stop that from happening when everything feels so out of your control?”

Let’s face it – you didn’t come out of your momma’s tummy drooling about the day when you could finally...

feel your stomach give you the death grip every time the boss walks in or a deadline comes up

have to pop some pills just to feel normal enough to fake being the “happy parent” your kids need

binge on food, alcohol, Netflix, or other things because it’s the only way you know how  “wind down”

dread waking up some mornings when everyone else gets all the motivation and good luck

go to therapy every week to handle your “issues” while other people get to be happy “just because…”

That is only happening because no one ever taught you that you can actually have REAL control over how you feel.


Like these two fathers got in just 20 days with Choose Your Own Emotion... with the side bonus of being able to change their habits, too!

Besides the classic, “Get over it, kid!” (which we both know made for some spectacular temper tantrums)... one showed us exactly how to do this growing up!

In fact, you’ve probably heard just the opposite. Things like:

“No one can be happy all the time.”

“Stress is just a fact of life.”

Or worse (especially with things like depression and anxiety) —

“You’re just going to have to learn to live with it because there’s no cure, and it will never go away.”

So it’s not your fault that you ended up here!

It’s probably not even your parents’ or teachers’ fault, either. I mean it’s not like they grew up passing the mashed potatoes while cheerfully reciting...

What emotions really are

Where they come from

How to get them to do what you want even when the car won’t start, a customer asks for a refund, and one of your kids has to go to the hospital all in the same week.

So they did the best they could and taught you the only things they knew, even if most of it was not very helpful... or flat-out wrong. 

In fact, anyone telling you that you’ll be stuck dealing with those emotions for the rest of your life (no matter how professional or well-meaning they seem)...

…  is only telling you that because that’s all they know how to do.

And if you’re like me, every time they say that there’s something deep inside that screws up its face and says,



...and that part of you is right!

Back in 2012, that’s exactly how I felt. 

I was a husband, a father, and the owner of a small business*(okay, okay... a small business and 2-3 side jobs just to put food on the table)*

On the outside, you might have called me the model citizen. I looked — busy.

But behind the scenes, I was putting out fires left and right:

  • Yelling at my kids when they were too noisy
  • Spending more money than was wise to keep my business afloat
  • Constantly wasting work time on social media, blogs, and addictions because I couldn’t handle the pressure.
  • Hoping for people to compliment my work so I didn't feel like a fraud
  • Arguing with people about tiny issues that didn’t matter.

I hated every minute of this, but everyone I knew struggled with the same thing.

And, nobody seemed to think it was possible to live life without that...

Everyone else had accepted that being frequently stressed out and unhappy is “just part of being human” when it isn't!

And one day, something inside me said,

“Am I really okay with spending the rest of my life like THIS?”

It’s not that I was miserable all the time (though I had definitely spent several years in depression)...

It’s just that I was NOT okay with spending 50 or 60 more years “dealing” with that kind of exhausting emotional free-fall – even if it was “normal” for other people.

And if you’re still reading, my guess is that you aren’t okay with it, either...


You’d rather wake up in the morning with... a smile on your face, some pep in your step, and completely unruffled by the upset spouse, the looming deadline, or the angry co-worker... 

… and then you’d rather come back home later still feeling that same way.

No matter how many things were on the schedule, how much money was in the bank, or how many customers (or kids) were screaming your name at the same time.

At least, that’s what I wanted...

... and that's why I created Choose Your Own Emotion...

That's also what Geoff wanted (and got within his first week of doing some very simple, specific things!)...


It's a simple, reliable way to take back control of how you feel

... without having to rely on years of therapy, expensive pills, or trying to get everyone to do what you want in order to be able to say, “Today was a good day.”

Obviously, I tested this on myself first...

Once I figured out exactly how to quickly transform my “angry dad” and “frustrated CEO” moments into “Oh that’s a cute problem!” moments… I started helping other people who reached out to me.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of personal clients who have literally begun loving their life again — all from these simple, practical ways to reprogram how they feel so they can be happy on auto-pilot. 

And now I get to wake up to messages like these...

In fact, since creating Choose Your Own Emotion, I've had clients report successes with WAY more than just happiness

Kim found success with controlling her binge eating. Tucker left his OCD behind, and Brad's 23-year struggle with depression was finally gone:

I’ve even had everything vetted by professional counselors and therapists

Here's what a clinical social worker said about his experience letting go of years of grief while learning these skills in a workshop setting...

Just from following these few practical steps, hundreds of people like Chase have found relief from —

  • behavioral addictions
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • inability to focus
  • productivity problems
  • mental health issues
  • bad habits
  • low self-esteem
  • broken relationships
  • work stress
  • identity crises
  • suicidal ideation
  • anger issues
  • social anxiety
  • guilt
  • shame
  • grief

So what makes this work so well?

Let’s use a car analogy here to help out...

Have you ever seen this picture floating around the internet? (take your time here… it’s worth it!)

Basically, emotions are like the warning lights in your car — programmed to tell you when something’s going haywire under the hood.

They’re VERY useful things to have and can prevent a LOT of smoke, strange noises or ending up stranded on the side of the freeway 20 miles from the nearest gas station...

...when you understand them!

But when no one has taught you what they mean or what's really going on, those helpful little lights (aka - how you feel) can also freak you out and make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. 

The key is learning exactly how emotions work (not that hard) — then secretly reprogramming them to work FOR you instead of going off at random times completely out of your control.

Once you do that your daily ups and downs won’t be bossing you around, telling you —

  • when to get up
  • who to talk to
  • how much energy you get to have
  • how long you can focus
  • what to put in your mouth *(it’s amazing how many potato chips you DON’T taste when your emotions are the ones eating)*

Just a little bit of “emotional driver’s ed” will get you using those exact same “dashboard lights” to quickly make life easier instead of being one more thing you have to deal with.


Choose Your Own Emotion

A 20-day adventure to getting back in the driver’s seat and becoming the boss of how you feel

Choose Your Own Emotion

2 Payments of $165

Pay over 2 months

  • Starting Line Temp Check
  • Daily step-by-step guidance through 20 mini-missions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Victory Lap & Beyond Assessment
  • Bonus 1: Chaos Crusher Checklist
  • Bonus 2: Mayday Moments Toolbox
  • Bonus 3: “Play More, Smile More” Instant Idea Creator

Choose Your Own Emotion

One Payment of $300

You save $30 if paid in full

  • Starting Line Temp Check
  • Daily step-by-step guidance through 20 mini-missions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Victory Lap & Beyond Assessment
  • Bonus 1: Chaos Crusher Checklist
  • Bonus 2: Mayday Moments Toolbox
  • Bonus 3: “Play More, Smile More” Instant Idea Creator

Here's the good news... it's easier than you might think if you just follow the steps!

Imagine a car that only needs you to keep track of 3 basic things for it to run perfectly every time...


(... because there are really only 3 key emotional patterns you need to reprogram, and the rest will take care of themselves!)

Every emotion you've ever had fits into 1 of 3 categories. And once you learn some simple basics for each one, you won’t have to sit there wondering what’s wrong every time you feel “off”.

Nor will you have to psycho-analyze your childhood to let it all go.

Instead, you’ll be able to look at your own (much simpler) emotion dashboard and ask, “Am I having...

  1. a Mood?
  2. a Reaction?
  3. a Worry?

Then you’ll know exactly what to do so that the warning light goes off, and you can get on with your vacation.

Confession time –

My time is valuable, and I think yours is, too.

So I made this whole process brain dead simple and easy to do — even if you have a schedule that looks like a bunch of grade school kids found an unopened pack of highlighters.

Here's literally what a day looks like...

... and in a short time you'll start surprising yourself by smiling at things that used to make you want to scream!

Get me started NOW!

Here's a closer look...

Master Your MOOD

— WEEK 1 —

Your mood is like the flavor of your life – some taste great, some not-so-great. But all of them are habits that can be changed!

“I’m just not a morning person,”

"I'm always stressed-out or 'blah' after lunch"

"My mind is always racing at 100 mph before bed. It makes me anxious."

A few simple, strategic shifts right when your mood usually tanks can teach it to be happier by default!

These two guys noticed a HUGE difference within a few days...


— WEEK 2 —

How would you normally react to these situations...

  • Someone cutting you off in traffic or in line at the DMV?
  • Reading some tragic or upsetting news?
  • The kids dumping a huge mess on the floor right after you finished cleaning up?
  • Someone accusing you of something you did not do?
  • Getting an unexpected or huge bill?
  • You suddenly start panicking in a big crowd?
  • You are just sitting in your living room and random dark thoughts come out of nowhere?

Most people react to these like they would an allergy... only instead of GETTING a rash, they DO something rash. 

But what if you could teach your reactions to naturally make your life BETTER?

Even the ex-Russian operatives I train with still react to stuff... and they've seen just about everything!!!

The difference is that they have shortened the time it takes to turn their reactions into something positive and powerful.

And once you've unlocked that deceptively simple skill, it'll only take you a few seconds to let go of stuff that might have bugged you for hours, days, or even weeks before.

That's when it starts to feel like the change is happening on its own like it did with this fellow...

Wipe Out Your WORRIES

— WEEK 3 —

A worry is any situation that just THINKING about it makes your head hurt, your throat tighten, your palms shake, your heart ache, your breath catch, or your gut bomb in any way.

  • Addicts call them “triggers”.
  • People with PTSD call them “traumatic memories”.
  • A housewife calls them “pet peeves” .
  • An athlete or public speaker calls them “pre-game jitters” .
  • A 2-year-old calls them “nightmares” or “scary dreams” .
  • And any US citizen calls them "the IRS" *(bwahaha... seriously, though, stop laughing)*

We'll show you how to slyly hack into your brain and teach it stop freaking out so you can function at your best!

Once you've done that, things that USED to bother you won’t bother you so much anymore... if they bother you at all!

That’s what happened with these three...

A brief note from Ace, a LCSW, on the Bonus Mayday Moments Course.

— Meet Your Guide —

Bob Gardner

As you can tell, I’m an expert at lame dad-jokes, growing a beard, and also pretty good at being happy even with 6 kids to cajole and a business to run.

I started studying this stuff because of my own 18-year addiction and battle with depression and was already teaching it to my students a decade ago.

I use everything I've learned from years of martial arts, mindfulness, functional psychology, healing therapies, and more and have shown hundreds of people how to finally graduate from a life of suffering.

And I love that I get to help people doing things like this...


Nothing’s worse than spending hours on YouTube, seminars, and therapy — learning some great stuff and seeing changes — but then having it wear off a month later... back to life as we knew it, right?

And that's why you're going to love this!

Think of this like learning to ride a bike...

It takes a few weeks of real-life practice to get the hang of, and then you’re cruising through neighborhoods that would have taken you all day to get to on foot.

And once you’ve got the knack, it never wears off… even if you haven’t ridden in years.

Choose Your Own Emotion is the same...

Each mini-mission is designed to make your body understand what to do so that this starts to become automatic muscle memory, and you don’t have to think about it.

Soon, you’ll be surprising yourself with how calm you feel doing things that used to make you want to pull your hair out *( …beard hair included!)*

That's why I call this an adventure — not a course.

Adventures leave an impression that last a lifetime!


Bring on the questions…


You're covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

I’m not the kind of coach that lets people give up on themselves when things go haywire. Because that usually happens when you’re trying to improve your life. And I spent way too many years looking for guarantees before I realized that “I” was the only guarantee I could ever rely on. 

So I’m going to make you a deal…

If you will be your own guarantee – meaning you go through this entire adventure (it’s only 20 days), do all the work as instructed full-out, and still have seen no improvement in how you feel – I’d be happy to refund you the full amount. Just email us what you’ve done, and we’ll take care of you.