From Catastrophe To Catapult

Mar 12, 2020

We have a chance to learn something new every time something happens in our life. 

But the smartest, most creative people know a secret to applying that lesson across all areas of their life. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can do that so you can turn catastrophes into a catapult to a better life. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The #1 biggest mistake you make after something big happens in your life that’s preventing you from reaching your potential (2:02)
  • Jesus’s little-known secret for not believing in hard work (6:01) 
  • The “5-minute trick” to overcoming your deepest held addictions (9:29) 
  • The subtle mindset shift that turns your most mundane chores into exciting tasks you look forward to (10:27) 
  • The only 5 things you need to focus on to continually level up your life (12:45) 
  • The stupid-obvious way to stop making life unneccessarily harder than it needs to be (17:06)
  • How your worst addictions can improve other, unrelated areas of your life (17:29) 

If you or somebody you know is looking to drop the ‘F’ Bomb of freedom in your life and break free from addiction, depression, anxiety or anything that’s making you feel flat-out stuck, head over to and book a call where we can look at your unique situation and give you the roadmap you’ve been missing.


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